Sala de fuga The Divine Formula

Empresa: Escape In


Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal ()

+351 965 105 726

Starting Point: Miradouro da Serra do Pilar

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A non reservation and fully autonomous City Escape Game. Let yourself be carried away by the story and immersed on the characters shoes. In this adventure you will have to find the Divine Formula before the Band of Filoxeras manages to steal it. The city hides something besides its cellars and needs You to complete this mission. Do you accept the challenge? Will you be able to escape before time runs out? The customer plays through their own mobile device / tablet and on our APP. All the info is sent by email after the purchase, and the game can be played whenever the customer wants! It is the perfect combination of technology and fun where the City is your escape room that will take you on an exciting, challenging, enigmatic and very fun trip.

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